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Tips on how to invite the power of God in your home during Lockdown.

As you are in your house, I want you to understand the grace of the Lord almighty, I want you to understand that we ought to live a life of love. In this way, the evil spirit will not enter our houses and bring fear in our homes. Prayer has the power to kill things that cannot be killed in the physical. Set aside different times of the day to pray to God.

A few tips whilst you are home to bring the spirit of God and the power of God in your home:

  1. Learn to be quiet. It is difficult to live a life of love when our minds are anxious. A still mind is a good starting point. When are a quiet, peace can arise in your house. You are also able to hear the spirit of God clearer when you are not anxious but still and quiet in your heart.

  2. Practice the discipline of understanding. You need to learn to understand your family members and people you stay with. You need to pray for Gods understanding. It is time for you to understand your children, to understand your spouse, understand your parents, understand your siblings and everyone that is around you during this time. It is not a time to fight and argue but rather to understand. You can come out of this stronger, better and wiser as a family.

  3. It is the time to show love. This is an opportunity to express care and kindness. Check up on people that are less fortunate or not as strong as you are. We can express care during the lockdown. Begin calling people who you know are staying alone. By doing this, you begin to break the spirit of anxiety. You can begin to call your friends and all begin to pray. Whatever you do could be an opportunity to win a soul.

Do not fear anything, hold tight onto your faith and integrity. Nothing will last forever, a time will come when an announcement of victory will happen. Always remember that we have the power of our invincible God. God is going to provide a way for escape.

Apostle AN Mabaso

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