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Spirit of Christ Ministries Service Booking Guidelines

1. Service Booking:

1.1 Saints must ensure that they book to attend a service.

1.2 Service Bookings must be made via call, an email, and/or Whatsapp on the following numbers 0839817659 or 0813643241 Email:

1.3 Saints will be required to provide the following information for booking a service:

· Name and Surname

· ID/Passport Number

· Physical Address

· Contact Number

· Email Address

· Next of kin name and surname

· Next of Kin Contact Number

1.4 Saints must wait for booking confirmation notification from the church, which will be sent within 48 hours from the initial phone call.

1.5 Saints to note that booking confirmations is on an individual level.

1.6 Saints who are attending the service will be required to come wearing masks and have sanitisers.

1.7 Saints who have received booking confirmation are requested to arrive 2 hours before the service starts so that they can go through process of screening.

1.8 Saints will be required to adhere to 1.5m social distancing that the church will also be enforcing.

1.9 Saints will NOT be allowed into the church premises without wearing a mask.

1.10 Saints to note that security at the gate will be asking for a service booking confirmation SMS or whatsapp .

1.11 Saints who do not have service booking confirmation will NOT be allowed into the church premises.

2. Children

2.1 Parents are requested to encourage children of from Age 12 to younger to watch our services online

3. Saints who are Elderly

3.1 The church encourages the elderly (65 years and older) to watch our services online.

4. Saints with Comorbidity

4.1 Saints who currently have underlying conditions e.g. (Hypertension, TB, Diabetes etc are all encouraged to watch our services online.


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