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Friends and Foes

We don’t exist in isolation, there are people who bring positivity and people who bring negativity in our lives. Don’t take it personally, it is part of the process. Jesus Christ and Apostle Paul had a lot of people in their journey who were meant to bring negativity in their lives. In life, you will come across friends and foes. People will be sent to your life by the enemy to distract you and delay your progress, when such things happen do not lose hope in the promise of God but understand that it is part of your journey. Similarly so, there will be people who are real friends, people who will bring positivity in your life. The people that will stand with you are the people the Lord has chosen to stand with you.

You need to understand your network, you must be able to identify the people that are meant for good and those meant for bad. There are people that will be with you after the lockdown and there will be people that will not be with you anymore. Those that are not in your life means that their time in your life is over. Do not feel bad about this, it is part of the journey. The important thing is that you know who is in your network, who is strong and who is weak, who you can count on and who you cannot count on. You must be able to distinguish between friends and foes.

The Kingdom of God will not go down just because people have moved from their position. God can always replace the people that have moved and followed the things of the world. The Kingdom of God will never go down because of such people. There will always be a replacement. As you spend time with yourself, ask yourself whether you are a friend or a foe to some people. Where do you stand in the kingdom of God? Don’t let the system of this world absorb you, don’t fall in love with the world. The bible says if you love the world, the love of God is not in you.

Be careful of your network, be wise in the selection of your team. Make sure you surround yourself with people who believe the vision of God about your life. It must be people who fear God, people who understand and have the kingdom mentality, people who will be companions in your life. Let the spirit give you discernment where you are able to see the right people for what you are building in your life. May God allocate people that are useful to you for your service so that you can move in the direction God wants. The ministry of God upon your life will not go anywhere if you do not know who is around you.

Apostle AN Mabaso

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