What does Partnership Mean?

Partnership means a covenant between you and God to support the work of God to preach the Gospel to all corners of the world. It is more than just monetary contribution, it is about being a part of something that’s bigger than yourself. As part of our family, together we can look at the very apparent needs of the world around us and make a change.

Together We Can, Together We Win, Together We Shall Prosper!

Where does your money go?

Apostle Mabaso’s Ministry seeks to stay relevant to the needs of the community, touching and changing lives of the less fortunate through Christ. Just as Jesus fed the multitudes, we recognise that people are poor, hungry, desire skills for self empowerment; require knowledge of Christ, government & market systems, programmes and resources.

The availability of empowering resources, skills etc will enable them to make a meaning and fulfilling living. Christ came so that we can live in full restoration, to that initial dominion we were given by Jehovah.

We have been playing a pivotal role in the lives of the people around the Tarlton area for over 10 years. We had a mobile clinic running for the community where they consulted for free and medication was dispensed for free as the Apostle is a medical doctor and was able to self fund the clinic until such a time that it was not feasible to continue with the clinic.

However fundraising initiatives are being mapped on how to reopen the clinic for the community.

Our Community Outreach program has thus focused on the following projects:

  • Food parcels & Clothing: We contribute such items as clothing and non perishable foods. These are given to 26 families currently every month-end.

  • Community Upliftment program: We profiled the surrounding communities and discovered that the greatest needs include inter alia

  • A day Care center for little ones

  • Proper dwelling structures

  • Employment

  • A school bus

Current Initiatives:

  • Community Health Program (On site Clinics): Apostle will bring back the community clinic, which was temporarily shut down, to serve the basic health needs of the community.

  • We are currently running a campaign called the Blanket Drive collecting blankets and school jerseys to be distributed around the Tarlton community during this winter to more than 50 families.

  • We have also identified a number of homeless people around Randburg and surrounding areas as well as our ongoing area of support in Tarloton and we will be running a soup kitchen.

  • With a mandate to empty hell and fill up heaven. We are to usher a new generation that shall be taught in readiness for the field. For the harvest is much more than the workers.